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Function Policies



  • The Club requires final guarantee three business days prior to your function.

  • Space is guaranteed numbers. The Club reserves the right to move functions as numbers change without notification.

  • Due to operational difficulties additional tables and chairs will not be added after the start of any function.

  • If a guarantee is not received three business days in advance, we will presume the guarantee to be the number originally stated on the contract and the guest will be charged for that number.

  • All Saturday events in the Sunset Room will be required to spend a minimum of $5000 in food and beverage sales.



  • All functions are guaranteed with a Non-Refundable deposit within 10 days of booking event.

  • Groups reserving private rooms and canceling within 9 months will be charged 25% of the charge as a service fee.

  • Groups reserving private rooms and canceling within 6 months will be charged 50% of the charge as a service fee.

  • Groups reserving private rooms and canceling within 3 months will be charged 75% of the charge as a service fee.

  • Contracts not guaranteed by a deposit and signed contract will be canceled.


Flowers, Decorations & Throws

  • Rooms may be declared for your function.

  • The Club asks that no tape, nails, tacks or fastener be used on the walls or doors.

  • No sparkle dust, confetti, festive throw  or spray glitter may be used on the walls or doors.

  • Birdseed may be thrown outside in the Harbor Square only.

  • Clean up fee for inside and outside throws will be $500.

  • All decorations and equipment must be removed from the club at the end of the function.

  • All deliveries must be made during normal operating hours.



  • The Great Southern Club provides all food and beverage.

  • We do not permit outside caterers in the Club, nor do we allow food or beverage to be brought into the Club.

  • Wedding and Birthday cakes are the only exceptions.

  • Cakes from bakeries should be properly licensed and registered with the City and State Board of Health.


Dress Code

  • The Great Southern Club offers a professional but casual environment.

  • Shorts, beach wear, hats, sportswear and shirts without collars are not permitted.

  • Coat and tie is preferred but not required.



  • We ask that they be controlled so they do not disturb other guests.

  • Children are not permitted in the restrooms, halls or elevators without an adult.

  • Anyone under the age of 21 will not be permitted to consume any alcoholic beverages.



  • The Great Southern Club is not responsible for damage or loss of any merchandise left in rooms.

  • The Great Southern Club reserves the right to require security guards at the group’s expense for selected groups.



  • Delivery or setup times must be arranged with Club management.

  • Dressing facilities are not available in the Club.

  • Guests of entertainers will not be permitted in the Club unless they are guests of the host.

  • Food and beverages supplied to entertainers will be billed to the host, unless other arrangements are made.

  • Tables are not supplied to entertainers. There will be a room rental for any bands wanting private rooms.

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